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About us

Kärra Ashram Community is a sacred space by the ocean in Kärradal, near Varberg. Arriving at our place is also arriving at the ocean - to enjoy the purity, freedom, and power the ocean has and that is also within us. Our community is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their natural state of inner peace and joy. We believe this state is achieved by finding freedom in the heart. True freedom in the heart arises the day we are free from our past conditioning. We use different techniques for an experience through the body, mind and soul. We work with different components to help us in arriving there, and those are: 


  • Lifestyle (nutrition, movement, stillness, nature)

  • Awareness (awareness of how your life has shaped you and others)

  • Self-reliance (your own inner guidance)

  • Creativity (finding the inner creative source)

  • Spirituality (a deep spiritual connection)

You can come and stay with us longer and shorter periods. We also invite work exchangers to our facilities. For more info please call or email us. 


Our community presents different types of activities such as retreats, workshops and yoga classes. Our legal form is a non-profit organization. By participating in one of our retreats or day workshops you are automatically a member of our community. You can of course unsubscribe from the membership at any time by emailing us By being a member you are invited to the board meetings, invited to our activities. and will be informed about any legal aspects of our community. Read more here.


Welcome to join us in creating the best community ever!

We are hosting Kärra Ashram Community from september 2023

Amanda & Grynet

Amanda here, exploring what it means to be a woman through a Vedic explorative and an alternative lifestyle. Togetherness and freedom keeps my light shining.

Grynet is all about nature. Herbs, gardering and shamanic wisdom. Let us explore how we can connect with mother nature, recharge and rest in her presens.


Dinesh & Adesh

Kärra Ashram Community is a sacred space created by us, Adesh and Dinesh, to assist humanity in the awakening. 



Linda Adesh Kåreby

Adesh has several solid educations in spirituality, therapy, coaching, leadership, yoga and meditation. She gives sessions and holds retreats in spirituality and healing. She has also participated in long silence retreats. Here she shares her knowledge through her warm and personal way.



Stefan Dinesh Fonsell 

Dinesh started as an entrepreneur but later burned out which led him to do his inner work and take a spiritual journey. He has several therapeutic educations and trainings - including yoga and nutrition. Meditation and silence has been one of his most important tools for well-being. Here he shares his wide knowledge and holds space for seekers. 

Highlight Community Members


Theo Liderfors


Jenny Ammilon


Sofia Hansson

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Olof Mark


Linnea Berg


Julia Fonsell

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