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Spring Silent Retreat

April 13-16 2023

  • 4,800 Swedish kronor
  • Kärra bygata

Service Description

Silence is one of our essences here at Kärra Ashram and a couple of times a year the Ashram steps into silence. For three full days we will guide you in the silence. Why silence? Our brain is programmed for a big and important task, to relate and to make us survive. It makes no difference whether we are chased by a tiger or if a neighbor makes noise. The stress reaction in the body is the same in both cases. With our upbringing and our society, we are caught up with thoughts most of the day. About 60,000 thoughts per day that are often in the future or in the past. In silence, we get the chance to witness the thoughts without forcing ourselves to stop thinking. We rather accept and humbly rest in what is. In many cases, the brain finally relaxes and we can experience a completely different space within us, where thoughts decrease and we return more and more to being in the present. We can now feel a natural and inherent joy or a deeper state of well-being. Feeling well-being is a more natural state than anything else. Arrangement - Day 1 we will mainly witness our thoughts - Day 2, we mainly witness our feelings - Day 3 we put more focus on the body. The body carries all the memories of our lives and in some cases it will show its pain or joy only when everything else has received attention. It will be great days where you can land with yourself. We will guide meditations, sit in silence, perform gratitude ceremonies, listen to music and dance, be out in the beautiful nature. Anyone who wants can swim in the ocean. The retreat is for those who want to listen more closely to their inner self and return more to the present. No previous knowledge required. We start in the afternoon on day one at 15-17 o’clock with an introduction, then we go into silence. The time schedule will be shown in the entrance and we will use a bell for collections. Mobile phones are handed in to us at 17 and it's nice if you leave our phone numbers to loved ones so that you are reachable. Cost: SEK 4,800 Price includes accommodations - All activities. By participating in one of our retreats or day workshops you are automatically a member of our community. You can of course unsubscribe from the membership at any time by emailing us Book your place by sending us an email; Max. 14 participants A warm and humble welcome to us, Adesh & Dinesh and Kärra Ashram Team

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Contact Details

  • Kärra bygata, Varberg, Sweden

    0722511770 / 0705894300

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