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Awakening Training Module 3 - Egg One

April 1-2 2023

  • 4200 SEK
  • Kärra bygata

Service Description

With the Renowned Spiritual Mentor, Psychic Medium, Therapist and Author Adesh Shaman of Light This will be the journey to live an awakened life and to fulfill your soul purpose o Clear distortions from human life o Practice and integrate the human soul qualities o Initiation and activation of the 13 Ascendant Master Codes o Invite your own ascended master council o Manifest your own reality DESCRIPTION Are you ready to take a step and to be challenged, then this training can be for you. You don’t need any experiences but you need to be open to explore what’s behind the imprinted reality. If you want to take a deeper step on your spiritual path and reach the awakened state, then this training is for you This means to step out of the cage, cracking the egg shell or rebirth to your true self The training is a result from my experiences being caught in the human system, living in an illusionary self, and my longing to remember who I am. It is like waking up and hearing the bell I will invite you for an initiation and activation of 13 Ascended Master codes bringing you to the remembrance of who you are. You remember Jesus and the 12 disciples, they all have a certain consciousness code that are waiting to be restored, including the feminine aspects of them. You will integrate and activate your own crystal palace and ascendant master council With the present experience, individually and globally, we will heal our mental-, emotional-, body- and lower soul system and enter into a new phase. This step is supporting you to be able to integrate the new codes in your daily life. It will bring you in full contact with your higher self and to operate on a higher consciousness dimension, aligned with your ascendant master team and the divine FULL DESCRIPTION and training presentation go to: PRACTICALITIES Booking: Mail to Place: Kärra Ashram in Varberg Sweden Dates: Module 1, 1-2 April 2023, start Saturday 9.00 am end Sunday 16.30 PM - For catch-up module 1 - 2 contact Adesh Module 4 May, Module 5 Aug Price: Module 3 + skype follow up session, introduction price 4200 SEK Module 4 + skype follow up session, introduction price 4200 SEK Book both modules for the price 7800 SEK Max 12 participants With love, Linda Adesh Shaman of Light With support from Kärra Ashram Team

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Contact Details

  • Kärra bygata, Varberg, Sweden

    0722511770 / 0705894300

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